NASA Glenn Plum Brook Station Tour

Join NCYP on Wednesday, October 21st at 6:00pm at (6100 Columbus Ave, Sandusky) for a tour of their amazing facility! 
Visitors to NASA have to be at least 8 years old to tour the station.  A tour takes about 2 hours.  NCYP will need a list of the names of the visitors a few days in advance of the tour.  All visitors have to be US Citizen’s. Anyone who is 18 years old, or older, will have to have a valid, government issued, picture ID to present at the security gate to enter the station.  A driver’s license is acceptable.  NO OPEN TOE SHOES are permitted in the test facilities.  Cameras are allowed, but if a test article is in the chamber, you may not be able to photograph it.
The facilities included on the tour are “SPF” and “B-2”.  You can take a look at them in advance on the website.
No cost to attend the event  
After the business tour, we’ll be stopping by Danny Boys (6207 Milan Road, Sandusky). 
Please RSVP by Friday, October 9th to Christine Mack at

You can still use Facebook to say if you are attending, but if you do not RSVP to Christine, you will not be on the list we send to NASA.


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